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Dr. Bruce Tallman

Dr. Bruce Tallman is a full-time professional spiritual director, marriage coach, and writer who lives in London, Bruce TallmanOntario.





Spiritual direction has many benefits:

deeper connection to your higher power, others, your true self, and the creation; more peace, contemplation, meaning, and purpose in your life; also learning new spiritual practices and methods.

The blessings are wonderful. New directees are always welcome.

Do you want to do spiritual direction with someone who understands the concerns not only of clergy and lay people, but also people who are "spiritual but not religious"? Click on the "Spiritual Direction" sidebar.

Do you want to do spiritual direction from the comfort of your own home without the expense and hassle of having to travel? Click on the "Distance Spiritual Direction" sidebar.


Imagine having a great marriage, one where you communicate effectively and resolve conflict safely. Imagine an exceptional marriage preparation course that teaches you this and helps you know what you each expect about things like money, sex, and parenting.

Imagine understanding each other’s personality type and how to work with your differences, not against them. If you are interested in being well-prepared for this huge step, check out the " Marriage Preparation" sidebar.


Do you want to make sure your second marriage goes well? Do you want to learn how this time marriage could actually be glorious and how you can use the struggles from your first marriage to your advantage? Click on the"Remarriage Preparation" sidebar.


Do you want to get your marriage back on track and love each other like you did when you first got married? Do you want to go to an even deeper level? Check out the "Coaching for Married Couples" sidebar.


If your marriage is already pretty good but you want to enhance it even more, "Prepare/Enrich" is an international program through which 3,000,000 couples have found even greater marital happiness.             

Prepare/Enrich consists of 4 sessions consisting of 6 essential exercises for marital growth as well as an in-depth discussion of a 10 page computerized Couple’s Report.

In addition, there is a 39 page Workbook you can work on at home to deepen your understanding of your marriage even more.

These sessions enhance and go beyond marriage preparation and take your marriage to a whole new level.


1000 Spiritual Lessons: Brief Life-Changing Insights for Busy People helps you identify your true self, cope with your false self, and gain greater wisdom, freedom, and meaning in your life. It gives you 1000 easy-to-understand lessons (each 3 lines long or less!) in 100 themes on every aspect of the spiritual life. "An amazing work! A real gold mine for seekers and spiritual directors." Edwin Buettner, PhD. To sample the first 8 pages including the 100 themes listed in the Table of Contents, and endorsements by experts on spirituality, put your cursor over "Store" and click on 1000 Spiritual Lessons.

Archetypes for Spiritual Direction: Discovering the Heroes Within will help you understand, access and use the 4 healthy centres of empowerment in your collective unconscious as well as give you tools for coping with the 8 unhealthy archetypes that tend to mess up our lives. (See "Store").

Finding Seekers: How to Develop a Spiritual Direction Practice from Beginning to Full-Time Employment helps you understand the universal principles doctors, psychotherapists, and other healers use to establish their practices, and the unique way these principles can be applied to building a full-time spiritual direction practice (click on the Store sidebar).


Do you want answers to life’s deepest questions? Check out the sample of Bruce’s numerous articles on spirituality published in the London Free Press (see the "Published Articles" sidebar).


To access 66 great published articles by Bruce click on the "Blog" sidebar and then on the following headings:

Spirituality/Prayer/Mysticism             The Human Condition

Science                                                   God/Jesus/Theology

Religion                                                  Faith

Marriage and Sexuality                        Church

Life                                                         Atheism


Do you want a wide variety of spiritually enriching talks, workshops, and retreats for your church, school, or retreat centre? (See the sidebar on this)


Want to accelerate your spiritual growth? Subscribe to Bruce’s free monthly email. At the end of each month Bruce selects the best ten ideas for spiritual growth (usually out of about 120) he has come across in his reading in the past 30 days.

Sources: Some of the greatest sages of the 20th and 21st centuries including Richard Rohr, Karen Armstrong, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Thomas Merton, Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilber, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Carolyn Myss. Also John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, and other mystics from previous centuries, catechisms, world religions, wise sayings etc, all simplified, reworked, and paraphrased.

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You will also receive for free any of Bruce's articles that are published in the London Free Press.


Do you want to receive tips from marriage experts each month on how to have a great marriage? "Marriage Tips" is a free monthly email of ten tips for having a happy and successful marriage. The tips are usually the key ideas from a book, article, workshop, or talk by a marriage expert condensed down to ten 2-line sentences. 

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